Friday, 22 September 2017

ch 5

                                                                               Chapter 5
Chapter five is called practice makes perfect.Today Eva started to paint the talent show set.Lucy came over to keep her company and to work on her contest entries.Since Eva is planning the festival.She wont be entering the contest.So she wanted to help.Lucy.She gave her yummiest cupcake recipe for the bake-off and the ingredients are.One cup of birdseed.One cup acorns.Two slugs.Then.Mix everything together.Bake for 20 minutes.Let cupcakes cool.Put loads of icing on top.Enjoy.Eva promised to help her bake after school on Wednesday.That way her cupcakes will be super-fresh for.Thursdays contest.Next she helped.Lucy choose an outfit for the fashion show.Then.Lucy painted a picture of her pet lizard.Rex for the art show.That was such cute.Eva drew a picture of her pet.Baxter wearing a bunny costume too.Just before bed.Eva helped.Her friend. Lucy practice some dance moves for the talent show.Baxter really liked there moves.Humphrey did not and he said.Ha! you two look like a couple of crazy flamingoes doing the cha-cha!.Then.Eva said.He is such a squirrel-head.Eva didn't finish painting the set today.But she have all day tomorrow.So don,t worry. Anyhoot this festival is going to be great.  

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