Wednesday, 29 July 2020

T3W1 Understanding Decimals

This is my Building our Understanding of Decimals task, today I learnt how to add Decimals in ones, tens, hundreds, tenths, hundredths, and much more. 

My Goals!

My Goals For This Term!
Here is my Goals for this term, the first one I wan't to achieve is goal number 1. Goal number 1 is to go to a higher level on reading.

I wanna up my reading and go to a higher level.

Goal number 2 is to do better on my writing, and I also wanna write more stories.

I wanna do better on my writing and write more stories on the Holidays

Goal number 3, I wanna do better on blogging my work and turning it in on the turn in sheet for literacy.

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

D Mic Promblem

Today for Maths, with our D Mic groups, we learnt about telling the time. First we had to figure out the times and put it in a huge Hexagon.   

Friday, 24 July 2020

My Myths And Legends Passport

This is my Myths and Legends Passport, on this Passport it shows you what we've done. It's about what Teacher we wen't to on the first or second day, or what country's we have been learning about with all the Teachers in Team 5. We've been learning about America and Paul Bunyan, Blue Mountains and Jamaica, and other Countrys, Myths and Legends. So that is what we've been doing this Week.

Paul Bunyan

                                     This is my Paul Bunyan task, Paul Bunyan:An american Legend. On this Activity, you will get to know all about the places he has made.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Croatia Dragon's Eye Lake Poster

Today with Mrs Tele'a we did a Myth about Dragon's Eye Lake, and talked about how it was created.


For this task we did it with Whaea Kelly, and it was all about Jamaica and the Blue Mountain and Blue Mountain Coffee. That was our task with Whaea Kelly.