Friday, 16 October 2020

Term 4 Week1

This Term we are learning about art, yesterday we did some Maths about a line graph. We did two types of line graphs, line graphs about Covid and what countries went into lockdown and what countries did not go into lockdown, and one was just about a line graph. The next line graph task was about how much muffins they sold in a day or month, or how much money they made in a day?  Then the next task was a create task, we had to go on a google sheet and create another line graph. We had to create a list of six items that we can put in a line graph, then we had to ask people in the class what they prefer. Our task was to collect all the data we need, and then put it into our line graph.

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Line Graphs In Action

For today's task we had to do a lines graphs action, and there was a line graph showing Covid cases per day for different countries in the world. We had to what we can tell from the line graph, we had to write 3 sentences what stars represents, how many days, and how many cases.   


Monday, 14 September 2020

Level 2 - Finding Fractions of a Whole


This is my 1/3 maths task level 2, on slide 3 we had to do fractions on slide 3. On slide number 4, we had to find out how many fractions.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Measuring Tapa Cloth


This is my Tapa Cloth task, the first thing we had to do was Measuring the Tapa Cloth. Like, what is the approximate width of the cloth? And, what is the approximate height of the cloth? Then we had to Rotate it clockwise 90 degrees, Rotate it anticlockwise 45 degrees, mark all the lines of symmetry, shade in 75% of the tapa cloth, and shade in 0.25 of the tapa cloth. Then we had to do the create task, we had to creat our own tapa cloth with patterns of our own culture identity.   

Friday, 4 September 2020

Taha Tinana: Fitness


We did a Taha challenge, and the challenge was Taha Tinana. We had to do a fitness, I did Star Jumps. I was gonna see how many Star Jumps I can do in one minute.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

T3W1 Understanding Decimals

This is my Building our Understanding of Decimals task, today I learnt how to add Decimals in ones, tens, hundreds, tenths, hundredths, and much more. 

My Goals!

My Goals For This Term!
Here is my Goals for this term, the first one I wan't to achieve is goal number 1. Goal number 1 is to go to a higher level on reading.

I wanna up my reading and go to a higher level.

Goal number 2 is to do better on my writing, and I also wanna write more stories.

I wanna do better on my writing and write more stories on the Holidays

Goal number 3, I wanna do better on blogging my work and turning it in on the turn in sheet for literacy.