Saturday, 6 July 2019

Descriptive Language Writing. Dragon Story

Start writing here: 
Once Upon a time there were two girls named Phoenix and Julia. But
they were getting a bit bored. So they went on an adventure. They
went to a castle and when they got to the castle they saw a fierce
dragon with  long sharp nails. He had really sharp gooey teeth. But
then he trapped them in the castle and they couldn’t get out. A few
minutes later Phoenix found a note and the note said to look for a
lever. So they were looking for a lever. 1 minute later they found it. It
said to pull the lever. So Julia pulled it. When she pulled it another
note came out and it said. To find another lever. Because if you pull it
you will escape and get some weapons to defeat the dragon. You will
also get armour. So they pulled it and out came the weapons and
armour. So they put on some armour grabbed some weapons. But they
still had to find one more lever. So they were looking and looking for it.
But they couldn’t find it. It took them 6 hours to find it. It led them out
of the creepy dark castle. They were ready to fight the dragon. They
found some rope as well. But how were they supposed to fly? They
got there own dragon. So they got there dragon and flew up into the
air with their dragons big giant wings. They were gliding across the
sky following the fierce dragon. They couldn't catch up the fierce
dragon was too fast with his big wings. But they weren't giving up.
They were still trying to catch the dragon. So they grabbed the rope
and lasso it around the dragon. They were pulling it really hard that
the dragon couldn’t even breathe fire. Once they defeated him they
went back home and told there mum’s all about there adventure.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Week 10 Table Discussion


The thing that I like about New Zealand is the Schools because they don’t have that much schools in other countries and the schools in New Zealand is really fun. The other thing that I like about New Zealand is the fun places that they have like Rainbows End or the Zoo. The other things that I like about New Zealand is the stores that they have. Because with the stores that we have we can buy whatever we want. Also what I really like about New Zealand is the food. Because in other countries there food is really disgusting. I really like how we have lots of books and we also get them for free in schools. We also have lots of parks and lots of bikes and wheels. We also have lots of friends and family that lives in New Zealand. The other thing that I like about New Zealand is the devices because at my school we have Chromebooks. We also have really cool phones. Like iPhone and Samsung. We also have crayons and pencils and also rubbers. We also have really cool animals and sea animals. We have whales birds dogs cats lizards and much more. We also have really cool movies and really famous actors like Adam Sandler and Anna Kendrick. There really cool actors. We also have really cool boats. We also have kayaks.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Certifercit from 2!!!

When I got back home from School I went on I said on the other one the link is in

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Certificate of Achievement 2

This is my second prototec certificate of Achivement. The link is in prototec.

Friday, 7 June 2019

8 Bit Art!!!

I did another blog post about 8 bit art.What I made was the google sign.I made the google sign because it is really easy to draw on a computer.

Certificate of Achievement

After I did some coding I went on Prototec. Some of them was really hard and some of them was really easy.I am blogging on my Chromebook at home.

Certificate from

When I was at home on my Chromebook I was doing some coding.Once I was done I decided that I should do a blog post about it.