Friday, 11 August 2017

Eva,s treetop festival

This term in reading i,m reading my new Duffy book called. Eva,s treetop festival 

                                                                     chapter one 
on chapter one is meet Eva. She lives at. Tree house 11 on wood pine avenue in treetopolis she loves her new diary she likes drawing. Colors especially red she likes making stuff. The word pumpkin cool clothes school being busy she dose not love her brothers. Socks sue clawson she is really mean to her. Cleaning her beak. The word plop. Asking for help.Squirrels her mums slug sandwiches. Being board oh she is a owl they awake in the night time and there asleep in the day time. They can turn there heads almost all the way around and they. Can fly her is her family. Dad her mum her baby mo and her brother. Here is her pet baxter he is so cute her very best freind in the hole wide universe and. Lucy also sits next to her at school. She also has a photo on her wall. Miss feather bottom. Macy zac carols Jacob George Lily  Lucy herself Zara and sue.


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  1. Awesome Julia you can tell us about your book when you get home from school.😊😊mum and dad