Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Ch 4

                                                                          Chapter 4
On chapter 4 is called meany mcmeanerson.Tonight was not a good night.First miss featherbottom told her class about the festival.The bloomtastic festival will be next Thursday.There will be four contest for them to enter.And miss feather bottom will give out the prizes next.Friday.Then she asked.Eva to come up the front.She was a bit nervous as she flew up there.She told everyone how the festival is all about flowers.Then she told them were to sign up for the contest.Evrything was going well.But then sue clawson said something really bossy.Why are you in charge.Eva who made u the festival queen.Then.Eva is in charge of the festival.Because it was her idea.And she wants anyone else to have fun.She dosent want anyone else to have to worry about getting thing ready.Then sue said.Well.I should be in charge of the fasion show her mum is a fashion.Dessigner.    

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