Friday, 18 August 2017

Ch 3

                                                                          Chapter 3
On chapter 3 is called.Miss feather bottom. Eva told Lucy tabbouleh the big plan on. There big plan on there. Flight to school. Eva is going to organise. The first ever elementary. Bombastically festival its going to be so good.There will be.Fun contest. There will be a talent show a bake of.a fashion show and an art show.Eva is going to make the prizes.Lucy really liked her idea she went to see mass feather bottom as soon as she got to.Class they allays celebrate the holidays.In there classroom.But she was thinking.Miss feather bottom. Didint say anything so she kept talking.She told her about the contest and.The prizes and the festival is called.The bloomtastic festival finally.Miss feather bottom smiled.Next Thursday.So she told.Lucy everything right before class.As soon as she got home.She wrote  her list.The first one is paint the set for the talent show.The next one is set up tables for the bake of.The 3rd one is.Hang frames for the art show.The 4th one is build the runaway for the fashion show.The 5th one is.Make prizes.

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